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How to Become an HCV Landlord

  1. Landlords must have the following documents before a unit can be leased:
    • A current City of Columbia verification of compliance for the unit being leased.
    • Photo identification of owner.
      • If utilizing a certified rental agent or property management company, a photo identification of the individual representing your property is required.
    • A completed IRS Form W-9, Request of Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification
      • If the owner is the payee for the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP), he/she must complete the W-9 with his/her personal or business information.
      • If the payee for the Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) is the certified rental agent or property management company, a W-9 must be completed with its personnel or business information.
      • Click here for the W-9 Form.
    • If an individual other than the owner will manage the property then the following documents must be documented:
      • Owner/Agent Contract
  2. Landlords must submit a government-issued document to verify the Employer Identification Number (EIN) used on the W-9. If individual Social Security Number (SSN) is used, you must provide copy of Social Security Card.
  3. Must agree to direct deposit of monies for Housing Assistance Payments.
  4. Must submit Direct Deposit form with a voided check.
  5. Must be current with property taxes prior to Housing Quality Inspection.
  6. Must be current with utilities prior to Housing Quality Inspection.
    • Utilities must be turned on by the landlord at the time of inspection in order for the inspection to be completed.
  7. Must have an approved Housing Quality Inspection.

A CHA inspector, prior to signing of the lease, will conduct an inspection to ensure the unit meets CHA’s standards.


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You Should Know

CHA provides housing assistance to over 1,900 families in Columbia and Boone County.

Families pay 30% of their adjusted household income for rent.

Our Family Self-Sufficiency Programs help families develop five-year plans for self-sufficiency.

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