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Getting Started with CHA

We want to make it simple and easy for landlords to participate in the CHA HCV Program.

If a tenant approaches you about accepting an HCV or Section 8 rental assistance voucher, there are four steps to follow.

Step 1: Screen the tenant to ensure you are making a good selection.

Step 2: Tenants with our vouchers will have a form to fill out called Request for Tenancy Approval. You should complete the landlord section of the form, along with the Disclosure of Lead-based Paint form. When the tenant submits both completed, signed forms to our office, we will contact you to schedule an inspection. We encourage you to submit the forms on behalf of the tenant, if you wish.

Step 3: We will inspect the unit to ensure that it meets HUD’s Housing Quality Standards. CHA requests that the landlord be present at the initial inspection. The utilities must be on and the unit must be ready for occupancy. The inspector will discuss any repairs that may be necessary with you.

Step 4: After your unit passes inspection, and the amount of rent you are charging has been approved, you and the tenant enter into an initial 12-month lease. When all of the final, signed documents have been received, we release payment to the landlord within two weeks and at the first of the month after that.

If this is your first tenant on the program, you will need to complete a W-9 and a Direct Deposit form.  If you have any questions in regard to this, please contact Dawn Davis at

About Your Lease Agreement

  • Landlords use their own lease agreement and the same screening criteria that apply to any other applicants and tenants.
  • The lease should not be signed and dated until after CHA approves it.
  • The term of the initial lease will be a minimum of 12 months but your lease may automatically renew after the 12 months if you wish.


The Section 8 Waiting List is now open!
See details here

You Should Know

CHA provides housing assistance to over 1,900 families in Columbia and Boone County.

Families pay 30% of their adjusted household income for rent.

Our Family Self-Sufficiency Programs help families develop five-year plans for self-sufficiency.

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